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Why does my cat have bald patches?

We look at this common skin issue in cats Cats take good care of their fur, that’s why any hair loss can be easily noticed by owners and can rightly be a cause for concern. Bald patches on cats are however fairly common, but they may be caused by any…

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Why is my dog’s eye weeping?

We analyse the potential causes in our latest blog If you notice that your dog's eye is weeping then it could be caused by a medical condition affecting their eyes. A weeping eye can take many forms, sometimes it may appear as a clear discharge, whilst other times it may…

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Can worms cause my dog to itch?

We take a look at the symptoms of worms in dogs Worms in dogs can be incredibly uncomfortable, causing a wide range of symptoms. In this article we look at the symptoms of worms, what could be causing your dog to itch and answer the question of whether worms can…

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What could be causing my dog to itch?

From allergies to underlying health complications Seeing or hearing your dog itching constantly is never nice for pet owners. It’s hard to know straight away what’s causing the itching, how severe it is and whether they have any other symptoms. Persistent itchiness in dogs is something we see regularly here…

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Male Dog Castration – Your Questions Answered

Information on the science behind the procedure Following on from our article last month about bitch neutering, we take a look into some of the questions that we get asked about male dog castration. We’ve delved into a number of veterinary resources and taken a look at the science behind…

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