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State of the art technology for your pet’s health

At some point many of our pets require ‘imaging’ to diagnose their condition. Here at Knutsford Veterinary Surgery we have state of the art digital radiography as well as veterinary ultrasound.

Digital Radiography from Knutsford Vets

Digital radiography enables the vets to quickly obtain multiple views of the affected area to build a comprehensive insight into your pet’s ailments. We use this technology to give us an accurate diagnosis for orthopaedic conditions affecting bones and joints, whilst it can also provide invaluable 360° images of soft tissue organs such as the heart, lungs and stomach.

Because obtaining a picture digitally is much faster than older techniques using film radiography, your pet often only requires a sedation or a short anaesthetic to obtain diagnostic images. These images can be instantly added to your pet’s record and are available to review at the click of a button.

Veterinary ultrasound in Cheshire

At Knutsford Vets we have an advanced ultrasound machine. Ultrasonography allows a clear and dynamic visualisation of internal organs, enabling effective assessment of the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen or bladder without using a scalpel.

We regularly ultrasound dogs and cats for pregnancy diagnosis and pregnancy progress checks. The technology is also useful for diagnosis of conditions such as bladder stones, abdominal tumours, liver disease and heart failure. Animal ultrasound has seen a great advance in veterinary medicine and as it is often done in the conscious patient or with light sedation it carries a minimal risk.

Ultrasound procedure

Ultrasound  is a non-invasive test that uses soundwaves to allow 2D visualisation of internal organs of the body. It’s non-intrusive and low risk for your animal, here’s what you can expect from your ultrasound appointment.

  • To effectively ultrasound your pet’s abdomen their hair will first need to be clipped around the point where the investigation will be carried out.   
  • A systematic examination is performed assessing each organ in the abdomen one by one looking at size, shape and volume of each organ system.
  • We can easily identify free abdominal fluid or gas, check the lymph nodes, or see if there are any stones blocking the bile duct, ureters or even the bladder.
  • We can also use ultrasound to detect pregnancy and even give an accurate indication of how old foetus’ may be.
  • Additional uses for ultrasound include non-invasive sampling of lumps and bumps using a syringe and needle, which is called ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration and ultrasound guided biopsy. These samples are then sent for histopathology to aid a diagnosis.
  • Sampling urine from the bladder under ultrasound guidance (ultrasound guided cystocentesis) and removal of free fluid from the abdomen (abdominocentesis) are also useful for diagnostic or therapeutic reasons. The advantage of these tests are that we can often avoid invasive and expensive surgical options.

Ultrasound starts from as little as £35. To find out more contact 01565 337999 or visit our practice and facilities page to see the full range of services and treatments available at Knutsford Vets.

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